Catalog of Recent Paintings

Curator Notes                                                               Artist Statement

On Location in Tahiti


Mr. Ato's Perl Farm Fakarava Tahiti


Foggy Morning Old Coast Guard Surf Boat Station Nantucket


Las Cruces Embarcadero


Cleaning the Fish Half Moon Bay


Two Girls in the Water Dana Point


Ready for Picking at Peggi's Plum Tree in Angels Camp


Sunday Flat Lapaz Baja Sur


The new bridge keeper's house in Woods Hole


Fishing Sunday at the Pier Half Moon Bay


Kid's Beach Nantucket Harbor


Big Waves Surfside on Nantucket


Adirondacksí in the Field


Chairs at Rasmussen Farm Hood River OR


Pilot Boats Pier 35 SFO


Truck on the hard at Princeton by the sea


Palm Canyon Arroyo Palm Springs


Bee Truck at Hidden Villa


 Fishing for Sunday Dinner at the Bay Bridge


Discussion at Starbucks in Los Altos


The Usual Suspects at Starbucks in Los Altos


Pamís big fish Cutthroat Creek Jackson Hole




Boats at Ithaca Greece


The Fishing Boat in Poros Greece


 The Coffee Meeting on Second Street Los Altos


The Foothill College Bridge


The Eucalyptus on El Monte in Los Altos


John Dunne Bridge over the Rio Grande Taos


 Fly Fishing Boots Hung in the Sedin Garage


Donner Ranch


Itís Not about the Bike


Tin Barn at Hidden Villa


The Incredible Dog Hot Dog Stand in Mountain View


Sun Valley Fly Fisherman by the Big Wood River Bridge


Laundry Day 2003


Donner Gate in Front Light


Leslie on the Ranch House Couch


Menauhant Yacht Club in the 100 Year Snow



Julioís jacket on the fence


Las Cruces across the runway


On the Embarcadero at Las Cruces


Mailboxes on Moody Road in Los Altos


Laundry day 2002 at Taos


Just Chairs out Back


Power Wagon fire truck at Hidden Villa in Los Altos


The Dead Truck in Tuscarora Nevada


Last Gas Station in Tuscarora Nevada


Atlas Preserve Jar in the Garage


Trash cans behind the Blue Chalk in Palo Alto


The red nail polish and eye brush


Three Wheelbarrows at Hidden Villa in Los Altos


Simple Scissors


View of the Bay from Mendocino Market


Tractor at Hidden Villa in Los Altos


Homeless Fishermen at the Bay Bridge


Mendocino Art Center Room with Coat and Chair


Indian Market at Santa Fe New Mexico


Pool at Las Cruces Baja


Farm with Water pump in Fort Brag


Marina Street in San Francisco


Atrium at Torre de Bellosguardo Florence


Boats at Monganui Harbor in New Zealand